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September 02, 2003



A good times movie?? DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!

i heard Dave Chappelle is gonna play JJ.


I was just discussing movies like this on my site. I mean "established" black actors really need to break out of doing these types of projects. I consider movies like this to be modern the day "Roots" meaning a project that comes along were every black actor can hop on the band wagon, I was so glad when Cosby pulled the Fat Albert project. Although this could be a funny movie, why not try to do something different that shows we are diverse outside of comedies.

P.S Can I get change for my 2 cent?


who is mad dog in the show when jj gets shot by him

bob d

being that the directors of the honeymooners casted all black actors for the movie which is awkward but o.k.why don't they cast all white actors for the good times movie. how many prejudice blacks would be pissed off.

bob d

jim carrey should play jj

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