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September 05, 2003



hi, where have you gone? would be great if you kept updating. :)

Seth Werkheiser

Ouch - that's gotta suck. Thanks for the linkage ;)


i say in this first of my talk that they only did not like him, and they are not happy in what he is getting all i got to say


how tall is r kelly


How old are his kids

Joey Pinkney

If you are still alive, I would love to trade links with you. I was feature in bloguer recently.

Holla at me.


WHAT A LOSTER......HA HA HA.hey im a Big Iron Maiden Fan.FEAR OF THE Dark.Can I play with Maddness.Killer.AcesHigh. IM just saying that Rkelly is a loser and that pic with Justin, NICE SHIRT

mistress dupont

im a huge fan of this mag. please call me at 323-714-2121.


Nice blog. I just got mine started today. I hope it will look like this someday. Its just hard to keep finding fresh content


It seems to be interesting... I write my blog too.

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